Wild Island is not really a residential area more like a village but a very important village because this was said to be where the island began and all the main characters live here all the other animals live in other places on the island, most of them live in the capital city of Wild Island-new paw city. It's population is unknown, but it was estimated to be around 1,000. But there are also still primitive creatures which will probably make up a few million. It has a rich economy, a very high education system and a good health care system.There are lots of forms of entertainment and fine dining. Although it is a very rich community they have a tourism problem which is probably a disadvantage of living on an island of no return. But Wild Island village has just mainly everyones houses. For further reference see Wild Island or New paw city


Wild Island village is located in around the centre of Wild Island and has access to all the major areas in Wild Island.

Buildings and housesEdit

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