Wild island

Wild Island in the Bermuda triangle

Wild Island is the main setting for all the episodes and it is where all the characters live, and the show itself is named after the island which all the characters are


Wild Island also known as the island of nature is located in the bermuda triangle next to it's almost identical island the island of magic, both these islands are rumored to balance to Earth's two factions of power: nature and magic, but very few believe that so it is officially not true.
Island of magic

island of magic

Different parts of Wild Island Edit

these are like states which divide Wild Island into different parts, but it isn't really controlled by anyone and most are don't have or have very little residential areas. New paw city and Wild Island village are the most populated and developed parts the others all have their own unique features.

List of different partsEdit


the landscape varies from the different parts of Wild Island because each part may even have a completely different landscape even though they are both very near to each other.

weather and climateEdit

The weather and climate also varies from each part of Wild Island just like the landscape, you have to see the individual weather climate and landscape features for each

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