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New Paw city is the centre and capital city of Wild Island. It is the most populated and developed part of Wild Island. This is where almost everyone lives and it is also where most of the entertainment is.


New Paw city is located around the middle of Wild Island and has access to many other parts


The buildings of New Paw city are all made of scrap metal from planes which have crashed there and some wood from old sunken ships, and also they rarely use resources they find on the island. Wild Island gets electricity from solar panels and wind generators.


the population of New Paw city is uncertain but it is a very large part of Wild Island and it probably has around 1 million inhabitants, but there are still an unknown number of other unknown creatures in different parts of wild island. Besides the main characters who live in Wild Island village, everyone in Wild Island live here (this does not include other possible small villages in other parts).


New Paw city has a very good health department and has several hospitals with a remarkaable ambulance service which will come to anyone's aid in seconds.


there are many kinds of entertainment here in New Paw city, there are various cinemas, museums, shopping centres and also other major forms of entertainment in other parts.

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