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Lizard fields is a long open grassy area with very few trees and an uneven mountainous terrain with many steep cliffs and has many rock structures like the cliffs. Many small harmless animals live such as insects or many exotic birds. However Lizard fields is most famous for having the world's most deadliest lizard. There are three different types of lizards in Lizard fields: the common green lizard, the rare yellow lizard and the deadly yellow spotted lizard, which could kill anyone within seconds with one bite.

Known areas of Lizard fieldsEdit

  • Lizard sanctuary: This is the main area of Lizard fields and it is where most of the Lizards and other animals live. It is mountainous with many cliffs and hills.
  • Lizard park: this is a park area there are hardly any Lizards here but there are many birds and butterflies and have park benches and picnic tables
  • Lizard caves: the cave is so high it is more like a hollow mountain and has an entire forest growing on the outside of the cave.
  • Pescado lake: this area has a huge lake the shape of a tail fin, which allows fishing.

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