This graveyard is not actually called Ivelet's graveyard, it is just best known as that because that was where the famous evil wolf Ivelet used to hide, but now he inhabits isla del mal. Although it is officially known as Ivelet's graveyard it is best known by everyone as the floating werewolf's graveyard, but sice there is no evidence to prove that the ghost exists, and there is only evidence that Ivelet exists then it is officially called Ivelet's graveyard. This is not a cemetery but it is called a graveyard because this is where all the human vehicles which have attempted to enter the bermuda triangle crashed. This has no civilization and is just mainly shipwrecks and some wrecked planes. There may be some treasure in the ships but most are too scared to go because of the flying werewolf who sometimes comes to scare some people.

Known areas of Ivelet's graveyardEdit

Graveyard of ships: this is where all the crashed ships end up and there is a river of toxic waste and oil from some of the ships

Flying werewolf's sunken ship: This is the ship that the were wolf came on and it is where he now lives

Legend of the flying werewolfEdit

last time there used to be a lot of ships attempting to go through the bermuda triangle and they all crashed but all the people on board were thrown off away from the bermuda triangle. However there was once a man who sailed there and he knew more about the bermuda triangle because he was a werewolf. Sice he was a werewolf he was both a creature of nature and magic and so he was allowed in the bermuda triangle, however he had forgotten that his ship wasn't and when he entered the border he turned into his werewolf form because his human form wasn't allowed past the border but while he was being turned into a werewolf he was still on his ship which was not allowed through the border and he went down with his ship but his ghost returned and stayed in the grave yard in his own ship that had sunk and took him with it.

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