Flipper Coast is the most popular hangout place in Wild Island. It is a beach on the edge of Wild Island, with many on beach activities, and many beautiful underwater coral and the famous amusement park Sharky world.

weather and climateEdit

Flipper Lagoon is sunny all year round and only rains one day a year. It is very hot in Flipper lagoon and the sea is always calm except on the one day it rain then the sea suddenly turns into a monster.

Known areas of Flipper CoastEdit

  • Beach area: Most of Flipper Coast is the beach this area contains lifeguard towers along the coast. There is also a juice bar and a rental shack for water and beach activities.
  • Crystal caves: A mysterious underground cave with several drops thousands of meters deep, and precious crystals embedded in the walls of the cave. The ground of the cave is more like a booby trap for the crystals in the walls, because if any animal steps on it they will fall through the ground.
  • Sharky carnival: an all year permanent carnival area with games and rides to enjoy.

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