Coral Waves lives in a giant fishbowl which is full of fresh water a underwater garden and a huge hollow coral which she lives in.


It looks like a giant goldfish bowl. It is made of glass and filled with fresh water which is constantly being filtered by a filter which always breaks down and constantly circulated by oxygen from outside. The entrance to her house is very complicated, to make sure no water is lost



This is an underwater garden full of kelp, which Coral looks after very well by watering it everyday.


The entrance is an air tight door which leads into a a small container, which is between the two doors than the outer door closes and the container is filled with water so that the inner door can be opened and then when it's closed the water is absorbed through a drain then it's reset, that way no water is lost

Coral HouseEdit

This is where Coral lives. It is a big hollow piece of coral which has a door and several holes as windows it has two floors which are well furnished.

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