Bat's wing is named after the spooky darkness of the place because Bat's wing is always dark literally. This is because a long time ago there lived an evil sorcerer named Oscuro. A long time ago when Bat's wing was still a part of New paw city. There was an artifact that was found and put in the Bat's wig museum and no one knew but that artifact had great power no except Oscuro, so he went from the island of magic to go and steal the artifact. When Wild Island was warned they had to hide the artifact. They were ready to defend themselves but then he did something else, he warped straight to the museum using magic, and threatened the owner of the museum face to face. The owner refused to tell him where the artifact was and Oscuro was soon discovered and arrested but before he left, he cast a powerful curse on Bat's wing making them never able to see the light again. The inhabitants here are all abnormal and look mutated.

Known areas of Bat's wingEdit

  • Bat's fang: the capital and city of Bat's wing there are several buildings with light inside but all natural light is filtered out through the curse.
  • Bat's ear museum: this is the most famous museum on Wild Island it has old and Extremely valuable artifacts, the security system is very defensive.
  • Bat's scream: a dangerous and extra dark area with pits traps and savage creatures.

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